Web Design

Hunters Moon

So, you finally decided that you need a web site ?

You need plain English, jargon-free advice from people who know the web and who know marketing from a commercial point of view.

That is our cue.

Using combined direct experience of the Internet and its underlying technologies coupled with extensive knowledge of commercial marketing, manufacturing and industry, we can help you to deliver your products, services and message to the world.

  • Do you need a static site or a dynamic web ?
  • Do you even know the difference ?
  • If not, who does ?
  • What are HTML, MySQL, PHP and ASP anyway ?
  • Who do you go to and how do you even start ?
  • Which designer do you choose and why ?

From initial concept through design to implementation we can help.

Whether you want a small site or a large corporate presence, you will always get the same level of attention.

Our job is to present your company, services, products and/or message in as efficient and accessible a site as possible.

Your job is to let us do ours.